Ben Storms is a Belgian designer who thinks by means of interacting with matter. That’s not hard to imagine since his father ran a company in reclaimed building materials. As a child, Ben used to build camps under and between big blocks of marble and Belgian blue stone. In a way, he was very privileged, unknowingly being surrounded by all kinds of exquisite materials. These personal experiences ignited Ben’s interest in the specific characteristics of a given material. In his practice, he tends to look at those materials without prejudice, almost uninhibitedly. It enables him to capture a glimpse of the possibilities a material has to offer. By probing it’s boundaries to and beyond that what is expected, he challenges the conventional notions of a material. Instead of being alienated from Belgium’s rich stonemasonry traditions, he infuses it with novel vantage points. The result is the creation of objects that are striking in both form and function. 


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